Hi, I’m Olga. 

I love my greens and I love growing them too! I have always loved cooking and since I was a kid I loved experimenting in the kitchen and creating new recipes. But it was an unexplained illness a few years ago that made me completely change my diet and has transformed my cooking as a result.

Ever since I’ve strived to cook fresh, healthy and nutritious meals and I believe that the continuous search for the best and freshest ingredients has led me to… my garden. 

Growing my own veggies makes me really happy and I feel that with gardening I found a new appreciation of food. I believe it really takes it to a whole new level when you prepare the meal with the ingredients you’ve just picked from your own garden.

My gardening experiment started last summer when I decided to grow some greens and veggies in our small London garden. I was really curious to see how much you can grow in such a small urban space – turns out quite a substantial amount! This year I’ve also been extremely lucky to get an allotment, so now I can grow even more greens!

I grew up in Siberia, and, unlike many people imagine it, it was actually a very industrial part with a lot of high rise developments, malls, factories and resulting pollution. We lived in an apartment, but we also had a small country house with the big garden where we spent most weekends and all summers. We grew all sorts of things in the garden: potatoes, most of the root veggies, tomatoes, cucumbers and berries. Looking back at it – I don’t think I particularly enjoyed working in the garden, it felt more like a chore, but, on a deeper level, I think it’s always made me feel happier in the end. 

I moved to London in 2006 when I was 19, and, after much soul-searching, I think I’m finally starting to recognise that what makes me the happiest are not the grand achievements or possessions , but rather the simplest things, like spending time in nature and performing the monotonous task of weeding my greens 🙂

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