Edible Flowers 

Edible Flowers are a great addition to any kitchen garden. Looking fabulous and growing like any other flowers, they also have an added benefit of being edible (oh yes, it’s in the name ๐Ÿ™‚ With a wide variety of colours, sizes, shapes, smells and tastes they can help transform any average looking dish into a work of art! And if you are looking for some extra inspiration – just invite your 5-something year old to help you decorate those cupcakes – you might be pleasantly surprised ๐Ÿ˜‰ P.S: Just make sure that the flowers are correctly identified and remember – if ever in doubt – DO NOT EAT!

Some of my favourite edible flowers to grow:

  • Violas (by far my absolute favourites – they are easy to grow and come in a variety of shades, including black and tiger eye)
  • Corn Flowers
  • Dianthus
  • Thyme flowers
  • Lavender
  • Courgette flowers (last year I’ve grown courgettes just for their flowers)
  • Nasturtium
  • Chives
  • Calendula


Radishes are not only some of the quickest and easiest crops to grow – they are also great fun! Just look at the variety of shapes and colours they come in – how can you not love them! If you are growing radishes for the first time – I recommend growing them in spring . There are many times when i’ve had great success growing beautiful crispy radishes in spring and then failing miserably when growing them mid summer. Why? I suspect two main reasons – much less pests in spring and lower temperatures ( hot temperatures can make radishes bolt).

Green & Purple Peas 

Sweet peas have been my favourite as a kid. Whenever we used to get to our country house on a weekend – I would run to check how many fresh new pea pods have appeared ready for me to pick! I don’t remember any kid who wouldn’t love them. Everyone used to eat them fresh from a pod, and this is still my favourite way to eat a sweet pea!

Chilli Peppers

Whilst most chilli peppers sold in a supermarket come just in two colours – green or red, in reality chilli peppers is one of the most versatile food groups and in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.

Glass Gem Corn 

An absolute show stopper – the beauty of this corn will leave you speechless! Grown like any other corn variety – it is relatively easy to grow your own rainbow colours. And the best part – you can never be certain what colours you are going to get (just like a box of chocolates!). It’s a surprise each time, and a fabulous one! If you are looking for some tips on growing and using world’s most beautiful corn – make sure to check this article!

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